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Addiction Therapy

Addiction Therapy

Is your addiction affecting your work, social or personal life? Has it left you feeling desperate or hopeless? I help people battling addictions to smoking, drugs, alcohol, gambling, food, shopping/spending and sexier anything else.

Most people who come to see me have exhausted other ways of kicking the habit and are seeking a new approach to ending their dependency for good.

With a blend of hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching online,

I help people to identify the triggers and cause of their addiction so they can

regain control and get back to

enjoying their life.

I went to Kesia for my 6 year cocaine addiction. I am so happy that I made that decision as it was the best one of my life.I how been drug free for 2 years now and I have my life back again, my family and my business. I can never thank her enough. I recommend Kesia to everyone I know. xx

Jon P

There is a powerful connection between the mind and body so hypnotherapy can be an effective tool in conquering addictions. Hypnosis works with your unconscious mind so we can quickly get to the underlying source of your dependency. So along with counselling and transactional coaching together we will be able to work on all areas of your life and develop a plan that will eliminate those triggers entirely. I will teach you valuable techniques that will help you to break the habit for good, and find healthier ways of dealing with stress, anxiety or boredom.

Drugs & Alcohol Therapy


Decision Time 

Do You Want To Cut Down On Your Drinking? 

Or Give Up Completely? 

Has Your Drug Use Got Out Of Control? Have You Decided Now Is The Time To Cut Down Or Stop?

If That's You, Then Hypnotherapy - Counselling & Coaching Can Teach You How To Break The Cycle And Gain Control Over Your Life.


How It Works

A typical Insight Addiction Therapy programme consists of 6 to 8 Hypnotherapy - Counselling sessions facilitated by an expert Addiction Dependancy Specialist, delivered online.

The sessions structure is an initial consultation to identify your individual needs and goals, from where we will construct your individually tailor made plan to fit you and your lifestyle. 

I offer a range of therapeutic interventions including, Integrative Counselling, Transactional Coaching, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness and Stress Management.​

Each session lasts up to 60 minutes and will review your current drinking/drug levels, explore your relationship with alcohol/drugs, help you set your desired goals and then support you in achieving them.


Moving On

At the end of the programme, you should have reduced the amount you are drinking (either to lower levels or by cutting it out altogether, depending on your goals) and stopped or reduced your drug use. You will already be noticing physical and emotional benefits from reducing your drinking or drug use, such as improved sleep and energy levels, weight loss or weight gain, reduced anxiety and better relationships and improved self confidence and self worth.

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. You’re a unique person with distinctive goals, so you need a personalised programme that speaks to you on an individual level. I can develop this programme with you and get you on the road to success.

You’re guaranteed a professional friendly service with flexible appointment times, where your confidentiality is paramount.  Book now  and start your journey. Why wait!

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